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Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purple
Age: 100

Part 1: Birth

Tsuki Huyuno was born in the winter of the Time of Black Sun, 100 years ago in a small Eladrin village called Hikari. Her mother died bringing Tsuki into the world. Due to the time of her birth, and the death of her mother, the superstitious elders of the village considered her a bad omen, particularly because of her dark hair and deep purple eyes. Most Eladrin, at least none in Hikari had such darkly toned features; most had very light shades of hair, and brightly colored eyes.

Tsuki's father, Tendo, was the village's most respected elder; he was very tall, had pure white hair and bright green eyes. Tendo knew the other elders of the village would want him to get rid of the child, but he cared too much for his only daughter. When the elders of the town confronted Tendo, they tried to convince him that the child was evil, and would bring suffering to all of Hikari. After a long debate, Tendo convinced the other elders to let him keep Tsuki, so long as he kept her from the other villagers. Tendo moved himself and his daughter to a small house on the edge of the village next to the woods.

Even as a baby, Tsuki showed great potential of arcana. She could easily levitate small objects before she could walk. Seeing his daughter's natural magical ability, Tendo spent much of his time with Tsuki training her in the arcane arts. The two quickly developed a kind of telepathic connection allowing them to have a sense of when the other felt any strong emotion.

One night, Tendo came home late from a meeting with the town elders, and immediately fell asleep once he returned. Tsuki, about 6 years old at the time decided to take this opportunity to surprise her father by making dinner by herself; so she grabbed a bucket and went outside to get water from the well. The sun had just set, and the woods outside the house were getting darker very quickly. Suddenly, Tsuki heard a sound in a nearby bush and was instantly struck with fear. She screamed and ran away, deeper into the woods. She tried looking around, and, in the darkness, could not recognize anything around her. She was lost. Under a pile of leaves, Tsuki heard another rustle, and before she could scream again, the bright green light of Tendo's magic entered her vision, revealing that the cause of the rustling had been merely a rabbit. At the sudden burst of light, the rabbit leaped away, deeper into the woods. Tendo knealt down to Tsuki, and wiped away the tears on her cheeks.

"Don't cry, little one." He said to her in a soft, calming voice. "The darkness is nothing to be afraid of." He lifted Tsuki's chin and smiled at her. "We have our light to guide us even in the darkest of places," Tendo whispered, motioning at the moon with his hand, still illuminated with his green magic. Tsuki looked up at the moon, shining brightly in the night sky. She stared at it for a few moments, unable to break her gaze with the glowing ball of light; her hands started to slightly glow a dull purple. Tendo stood up, looking down at his daughter. He offered her his hand, still brightly glowing green, she looked up and placed her dully lit purple hand in his, and the two walked back to the house together.

After that night, Tsuki always found comfort in the moon and the night sky. She often found herself sneaking out of the house late at night, long after her father had gone to sleep, just to sit outside and look up at the night sky. While out at night, Tsuki would often practice her magic; creating brilliant patterns of light around her and in the sky. She came to notice that her magical abilities came more easily, and seemed more powerful, the closer the moon was to being full. Unbeknownst to Tsuki, Tendo would often sense a sudden joy and wake in the night to look out his window, watch Tsuki's light show, and crawl back into bed smiling while he listened to his daughter sneaking back into the house.

Part 2: The Spirit of the Moon

As Tsuki started to grow older, she began to wonder about the village, and the other eladrin that lived there. One evening, when Tsuki was 20, as her father was preparing to go to a late-night meeting of the village elders, she asked if she could go with him into the village.

"The sun is already setting," Tsuki reasoned. "No one will even be out to see me."

Sadness immediately overtook Tendo's face. "Tsuki…. I've told you that if I could take you with me I would-"

"But you're their leader, why can't you convince them?"

"Tsuki, we've talked about this. The town has already started spreading rumors about me, if I take you with me, they'll come after both of us, and I refuse to let them hurt you." Tendo lifted Tsuki's chin and looked directly into her eyes. "Do you understand?"

Tsuki quickly blinked away her tears, "Yes." She forced a smile.
"I'll be back soon," he said, smiling back at her. Tendo put on his cloak, kissed Tsuki on the forehead and left for town. Immediately after he was out the door, Tsuki ran into the woods, rapidly growing darker around her as the sun set.

As the full moon rose above the trees, Tsuki felt tears flow from her eyes, and her magic grow stronger. Her normal streaks of purple light turned into bursts of fiery red as her anger and sadness boiled inside of her. She quickly wore herself out, and fell to her knees sobbing. She heard the soft sound of footsteps behind her. "They hate me because they think I killed her… no, because I did kill her," Tsuki cried.

"Your mother's death was not your doing, my child," the deep, pure voice behind her was not Tendo's. Startled, Tsuki quickly turned, trying to stand but she immediately fell back to the ground. She looked up, and standing before her was a very tall man, his whole body emanating a bright golden glow. The man was not eladrin, Tsuki noted, he was much taller and more muscular.

"Who are you?" Tsuki asked, trying to hide the fear in her shaking voice. "How do you know about my mother?"

"I am the spirit of the moon and the night, but you may call me Yoru," His calm voice seemed to echo throughout the entire forest. "And, I know many things, Tsuki Huyuno, I have watched you your entire life. You have grown very strong."

"Why are you here?" Tsuki asked, unable to think of anything else to say, still too afraid to stand.

"I would like you to follow me Tsuki," Yoru stated with a relaxed smile. "In return for your prayers and obedience, I will aid you whenever I am able and see fit." Tsuki suddenly felt a warm presence around her, and looked down to see the glowing golden magic of the spirit lift her from the ground to her feet. Once standing, she looked up to see that Yoru had moved closer to her; the two were now inches apart. Tsuki felt the heat in her face as her nervousness caused her to blush. "Well, what do you say, child?" he asked, offering his hand to Tsuki.

Tsuki was awestruck. Her father had often told her of the spirits of the world, but she had never even dreamed of actually meeting one. Eyes wide with residual fear and a face red with nervousness, Tsuki returned Yoru's gaze, and replied with a simple nod, placing her hand in his. As she did so, the warmth and light of Yoru's golden magic surrounded the pair in a brilliant swirling pattern. After a few seconds, the light receded back to Yoru. He smiled at her.

"You will now be known as a Daughter of the Moon," the golden spirit said to her. "Remember, Tsuki, people will always fear what they do not understand. The moon does not illuminate the night to gain love or appreciation, but because it knows there must always be light where there is darkness." As Yoru spoke, his light, along with his physical form began to fade. "You must be this light in the darkness, my child. I will be watching…" suddenly, the hand that had just held Tsuki's was entirely gone without any trace but a slight residual golden glow in her palm.

Tsuki stood immobile for a few moments in disbelief; she looked around the forest for any possible trace of Yoru, but saw nothing. Once she was able to regain her senses, her eyes lit up in an uncontrollable burst of joy, and she ran toward the house as quickly as possible. She needed to tell her father about what had just happened.

As she arrived at the house, Tsuki saw her father just a bit up the road. She sprinted to him as quickly as she could. "What is it, Tsuki?" Tendo asked as he saw his daughter running at him.

"Father!" Tsuki shouted, unable to contain her excitement. "In the forest just now, I met the spirit of the moon!" Tsuki and her father walked the short distance to their home, and she told him every detail about what she had just experienced.

After Tsuki had finished her story, Tendo smiled at her. "That is incredible, Tsuki!" he remarked. "You know, your mother was a devoted follower of Yoru. She was never gifted with the chance to meet him as you have, but she believed strongly in the power of the moon," Tendo stood up and walked into his bedroom, when he returned, he held a small wooden box. "She would want you to wear this," he said, lifting a golden crescent-moon shaped pendant on a gold chain.

"It's beautiful," Tsuki's eyes lit up in awe. As her father placed the necklace around Tsuki's neck, the gold charm glowed very slightly in the same gold as Yoru's magic.

"It is the symbol of Yoru himself," Tendo explained. "Wear it proudly."
From that night, Tsuki spent her nights not only practicing her magic, but also sending her prayers to Yoru. On occasion, normally when the moon was full, she found the purple light of her magic to be highlighted with streaks of gold.

Part 3: destiny

As the years past, Tsuki spent most of her days reading about magic and history, and her nights practicing her magic. Tsuki was now 99 years old, still about 10 years from reaching the considered age of eladrin maturity. She would still occasionally daydream about the village she had never been in, but her longing to visit had faded over the years. She wore her mother's moon pendant every day, and prayed to Yoru.

Tsuki's 100th birthday was drawing nearer, and she was filled with excitement. Tendo had managed to get out of his grand elder's duties for one day that he and Tsuki could spend the day together. The two of them planned to hike into the woods to a waterfall Tendo had told Tsuki about; it was the place where he and Tsuki's mother had first met.

It was a few days before Tsuki's birthday. She had noticed over the past few weeks that the days were not as bright, and her magic felt more powerful. Tendo walked down the path to the house, coming back from his daily meeting with the elders of Hikari. Tsuki couldn't notice, but her father had aged quite a bit over the years. He walked with a walking stick now to keep his balance, but in Tsuki's eyes, he was the same man who had saved her from her fear of darkness that night long ago.

Tsuki had been sitting out back reading a spellbook and watching the sunset when she heard the sound of Tendo opening the front door. She immediately stood up and went into the house from the back to meet her father.

"Welcome home!" Tsuki said cheerfully, when she saw her father taking off his cloak and setting down his walking stick.

"Hello, Tsuki," Tendo responded with a tired smile. "I am not feeling entirely well tonight," he coughed heavily.

"Are you alright?" Tsuki asked, her voice filled with concern. She stepped over to her father and helped to support him.

"I'll be fine," Tendo reassured her. "I just need to rest a bit" Tsuki helped her father into his bed and brought him a glass of water.

"Let me know if you need anything," Tsuki told him, before kissing him on the forehead and blowing out the candles in his bedroom. That night when she went outside to practice her magic, she was sure to stay within sight of the house in case her father needed her.

Tsuki created her light patterns in the night, and felt that her power was unusually strong. She started to become very involved in the magic she was casting, and when she realized she had not been paying attention, she stopped and turned to make sure she was still close to the house. But where the house had been moments ago, there was nothing but darkness. Tsuki felt a sudden panic as she tried to remember where she was relative to her house; she ran in the direction that she had last seen it. But instead of finding her home, she was stopped by a familiar golden glow. Yoru once again stood before Tsuki glowing in the night.

"Yoru!" Tsuki gasped, immediately falling to her knees in respect, still panting from her state of panic.

"Please Tsuki, there is no need for that," Yoru said in his deep, calm voice as the warm golden magic once again lifted Tsuki to her feet. "And please calm down, your father is in no immediate danger."

Tsuki gulped, still trying to calm herself. "What are you doing here?" Tsuki nervously asked the spirit.

"The Time of Black Sun is approaching, my child, and there is much darkness in this world. You can no longer hide in these woods, there is much you must do. Soon two moons will be in the night sky, and the sun will be hidden, it is at this time when our power is at its greatest. You must make use of this, and fill the coming darkness with my light," Yoru explained.

"But… I can't just leave my father… I-"

"I know, Tsuki," The spirit cut her off, his face suddenly full of not quite sadness, but pity. He sighed. "It will soon become clear what you must do. You have grown so much, my child. I am proud of you," Yoru once again started to fade, "When the time is right, you will know what to do." He was gone, and in front of Tsuki, the house slowly reappeared. Tsuki blinked a few times in disbelief, but she quickly regained her senses and walked slowly back into the house. She crawled into her bed, but confused and concerned, found herself unable to sleep until morning had almost come.

Tendo woke in the morning feeling worse than he had the night before, but he knew he could not miss a meeting if he wanted to spend Tsuki's birthday with her. He looked into his daughter's bedroom to find her still fast asleep; Tendo couldn't help but let out a small laugh, even though his chest burned with every deep breath. Sluggishly, he placed his cloak over his shoulders, picked up his walking stick, and headed into the village.

When Tendo arrived at the building where the elders of Hikari met, the others looked at him with concerned glances. "Tendo, what's wrong? You look terrible!" said Uso, the village elder directly under Tendo in rank. Uso helped Tendo to his chair
"I'm fine," Tendo said back to him, sitting down. He coughed very heavily, "I'm just a little sick is all, it's not a problem." Tendo was breathing heavily, and the others could plainly see that he was much worse than he claimed.

"Tendo," Uso's voice was very stern and serious, "Did she do this to you?"

"How dare you?" Tendo was enraged. In his anger, the grand elder tried to stand, but fell back to his chair coughing. The other elders exchanged nervous looks. "Let's just deal with this meeting so I can go home," Tendo spat out once he had regained his breath. The rest of the meeting was rather awkward and quiet, all of the elders were afraid to anger Tendo. Once the meeting ended Tendo forced himself to apologize for his outbreak, claiming that he overreacted due to his illness. "I will rest tonight and see you all tomorrow, when I am feeling well again," Tendo told them all weakly. He gathered his cloak and walking stick and left the room as quickly as possible, heading back home to his daughter.

The other elders were all still in their seats, not sure how to react to their leader's odd behavior. "What's wrong with him, Uso?" one of the elders asked with a slight hint of fear in his voice.

"Isn't it obvious?" Uso replied, still looking at the door Tendo had just walked out of. "That child of his will be mature soon. She'll use her dark powers to kill us all, starting with her father." The room filled with fearful and angry voices. "At the meeting tomorrow, we will reason with him, and make him get rid of the child," Uso told them, and the others all nodded in agreement.

Tendo, almost back at his house, was breathing very heavily, and barely holding himself up, putting most of his weight on his walking stick. He looked up and saw his daughter sitting on the front step. Once she caught sight of him, Tsuki ran to her father. "Father!" she shouted as she approached him, "What happened? I felt your anger this morning-" she stopped when she saw the physical condition Tendo was in. "Father, you're still sick!" She put his arm around her shoulders and helped him walk back to the house.

Before the pair reached the front door, Tendo fell unconscious. Tsuki, used her magic and as much strength as she could manage to carry her father into the house and to his bed. Tsuki had never been very skilled in healing magic. She rummaged through all of her books looking for something she could use to help her father. She found a spell that was supposed to help treat minor sicknesses, it would have to do for now. She ran back into her father's room and tried the spell. She waited a few moments, and Tendo's eyes slowly opened.

"Father!" Tsuki cried, "How are you feeling? I did what I could, but, healing isn't my forte."

"Tsuki," Tendo said weakly, "They think you did this to me."

"Me?" Tsuki asked in shock, "but I-"

"I know, Tsuki," He looked into his daughter's eyes and smiled. "I'm not going to make it, Tsuki," his smile quickly faded.

Tsuki immediately felt tears running down her face. "No," she stated. "You're going to get better. I'll find another spell." She stood up to go look for a book, but was stopped by her father's hand around her wrist.

"No Tsuki," he said plainly. "I'm old; it's my time. But you need to leave; they'll think you did this and kill you if you stay here."

"No… You can't go," Tsuki responded in disbelief, sobbing. "Please…"
"You have grown so much, my child. I am proud of you," as Tendo spoke, his eyes closed, and his breath stopped. Tsuki stared in disbelief for a few moments before breaking down. She buried her face in her arms on top of her father's body and sobbed uncontrollably.

That night, Tsuki picked a handful of flowers from the forest. She brought them into her father's room, where he still laid, lifeless on his bed. Tsuki placed the flowers on top of her father's body, and said a final, hesitant prayer to Yoru before leaving everything she had ever known behind.

Tsuki walked slowly and silently in the dark forest, wiping away tears from her face whenever they appeared. The moisture in her eyes made it difficult to see; she felt her foot catch on a root, and she was on the ground. She pushed herself up and before her was the golden glow of Yoru.

"You knew this would happen," Tsuki said with a deep anger in her voice.

"I did," the spirit replied in his usual calm voice.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She shouted, now looking directly into Yoru's glowing golden eyes.

"My child, even if I had told you about your father, there is nothing either of us could have done to stop it," Tsuki turned her gaze downward and tried to control her tears as the spirit spoke. "Time passes as it will," Yoru approached Tsuki and embraced her. "But the light must never stop shining."

Tsuki felt the reassuring warmth of Yoru around her. She knew he was right, and that she had to move on, Tendo would not have wanted her to cry. She calmed herself and was able to speak again, "I understand." She looked up into Yoru's eyes, "I am ready."

The spirit smiled at her and released her from his arms, "then come, my child, there is much to be done."


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